Wholesale / Bulk Discount

Libelle Living is able to offer a variety of discounts to those who wish to buy our products in bulk (table below shows the various wholesale/bulk discounts). You can opt for bulk discounts on your purchases and the discounts would be added to your cart and checkout, but the bulk discounts cannot be used in conjunction with other coupon discounts.
Bulk Discounts
Product Purchase QuantityPurchase Discount
Lorena Canals Washable Cushions from 3  units from 6  units from 10  units   5%    10%20%
Lorena Canals Washable Rugs from 2  units from 5  units from 10  units 10%    15% 20%
Lotus Grills from 3  units from 5  units from 10  units10%    15% 20%
Wüsthof Knives from 3  units from 5  units from 10  units10%    15%20%
Balance & Training Bikes from 3  units from 6  units from 10  units  5%   10%20%