About Us

Libelle Living based in south Germany, was founded shortly before the Christmas of 2015. Our office is located just a minute from the beautiful Ludwigsburg Palace and Baroque Garden.

Libelle LivingWe are a group of simple people, who believe that simple in today’s world does not come easy. We believe everyone must have access to good health, good lifestyle and healthy meals. Our beliefs offer family with the needs, which help them to move further. We do a lot of things for our kids not because we want to, but because we love them. Cooking to us is purely fun & is our passion. Kitchen has never been of such a social center as today.
We enjoy the time spent on our different walks of life, and very importantly we make sure there is always time and space for “One-self”, no matter how much devoted we are to others.

We love life to the full and try to live to its potential on a daily basis, and, that is why we chose “Libelle” to describe us. One day my child questioned me, why is “Liebe” (Love) spelt with 1 “L”, while “Libelle” (Dragonfly) is spelt with 3 “L’s” ? Does this mean “Libelle” has more love and this simple child put me to thought.